5 Ideas for Preserving Your Baby Memories and Keepsakes

5 Ideas for Preserving Your Baby Memories and Keepsakes

As soon as the baby is born, he/she becomes the protagonist of the family and everything revolves around him/her. Therefore, every time the baby grows, the parents will be infinitely moved. In a blink of an eye, the baby went from crying to running; from not talking to calling parents; from peeing his pants to going to the toilet by himself. And mothers are often caught off guard by such a rapid growth, hoping to leave a variety of memories for their baby's growth.


1. Milestone Cards
Milestone cards are a great choice for a photo shoot. In addition to the birthday photo, all the big events of the baby, such as the first laugh, the first sitting, can also leave a commemorative photo.
When deciding what to put in a box, many parents include baby items such as special clothing, a pair of shoes, and comfort items like blankets or toys. You can also put in other items like meaningful cards from family members or newspaper clippings for your baby's birthday. You may want to save everything, but it's better to choose what to include

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2. Hand or Footprint Souvenirs
In addition to taking pictures, the most common way to take pictures is to leave baby's footprints and handprints through safety ink or pad. In addition, there are now made of plaster statues. Who can resist the allure of baby handprints and footprints? Keeping keepsakes of your baby's handprints or footprints will take you back to when you first held their tiny hands and feet. Consider using baby-safe paint or ink to paint your hand or footprints on the paper. Or, for a more three-dimensional option, use clay to make imprints of your baby's hands and feet.

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3. Memory Box
A memory box is like a treasure chest filled with items of sentimental value. Choose a sturdy box, such as one made of wood or a very sturdy craft material, to store your favorite keepsakes.

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4. Video diary or letter to baby
One of the best ways to preserve your baby's memories and keepsakes is to send a message to who your baby is going to be. You can do this by recording a video diary or writing a letter. Heartfelt messages can include how you felt when you first saw your baby, what it was like watching them grow, retelling funny moments, and information about your baby's visitors. In the future, you and your child can connect by reading or watching this information.

5. Baby teeth & fetal hair collection
There is also an artistic way to store your baby's deciduous teeth in a beautiful little box. Putting in the box is not only the baby's baby teeth, but also a good memory for the baby's growth.
In addition to the collection of baby teeth, you can also collect plush toys that accompany your baby from childhood to adulthood. Courpal's fearless Bunny can be accompanied from an early age. It is not only a bunny plush, but also a long-term companion.

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