How the First Plush Toy Was Born

How the First Plush Toy Was Born

If the 2021 female star is to be selected, one of the trophies will be awarded to this little pink fox, Lena Belle.

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The new character of the Duffy family was just born in October, and has already surpassed the "peer" Xingdailu and Shirley Mei to become the popularity champion of Shanghai Disney. The lovely "Chuansha Daji" made the visitors happy with her superb heart-matching skills and enthusiastic interaction, and sparked an explosive discussion on social networks.

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With the popularity, Lingna Belle's plush toys were also pushed to the forefront.
December 29 is the last public sale of the "Duffy and Friends Christmas Dolls" of the year, which was previously only available by lottery. As a result, more than 5,000 people lined up in a long queue in front of Shanghai Disneyland at three in the morning, just to take Duffy and his friends home.

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Plush toys have been around for centuries, although there may be controversy about the first plush toy. One thought about the first plush toy is that it is thought to have been made in 1880 by German Steiff, who hand-sewn some stuffed animals for his toy store window display. The story behind the first plush is that he removed the legs from an elephant puppet that belonged to his daughter because she was afraid of it. However, after receiving praise from the elephants, he decided to do more.

courpal stuffed animals fealess bunny plush toy

Another thought about the first plush toy is that it actually started around 1863, by a family named Margarete Steiff, who wanted to start over as her grandmother did Children sew clothes. She established a small sewing business with her husband and children. However, they stopped the business after their eldest son died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-seven. Margaret's husband died in 1879. She remarried a shoemaker named Gustave, who helped her open another toy store in 1880 with the stuffed stuff you'd find in any other toy store.

Another idea, however, is that German Carl Werner may have had the first plush toy in 1867, when he created a small animal-type doll for his daughter's namesake, as she was to be sent to her grandparents' house, And her parents are going on vacation. The head, arms and legs of this doll are made of feathers and cotton yarn. She has a skirt, shirt, hat, and even shoes that have been turned into stuffed animals. Carl also invented the Air Cushion Machine, which allowed him to fill with down instead of regular cotton.
courpal stuffed animals fealess bunny plush toy
Plush toys can also be clothed or unclothed; those that are new and those that are handcrafted by another person. There are some plush owners who collect them just for collection, while others do it because they have some kind of plush that is very sensual to them.

Kids can also enjoy having their own plush toy without worrying about it being taken away. They are fun to play and cuddle with at night and are suitable for all ages. Many adults still like to have plush toys, and some adults like to make them.

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