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How to Choose the Best Plushies

A good plushies should be a good companion for all. Recent studies show that stuffed animals not only bring adults a sense of security to reduce anxiety, but also heal our traumas to improve mental health. For children, good stuffed animals are the important carriers for them to know the world, and it will stay with them throughout their childhood and beyond.
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So how do you choose plushies that works for everyone? You need to pay attention to a few points.

What are plushies?

Plush toys originated in the late 19th century at Steiff in Germany, and they are usually shaped like animals. Plushies are made of fabrics such as plush or cloth, filled with synthetic fibers, cotton, straw, or wood wool. Plushies are distinguished from other toys by their cuddly nature; they are often soft and have exaggerated features, such as large eyes and short limbs, that make them look more appealing. Today, children and adults alike often have multiple stuffed animals.

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What are plushies filled with?

When selecting plush stuffed animals, one thing that cannot be ignored is their tactile feel. In fact, we are unconsciously attracted to their flexibility and softness. The softness of plushies toys to the touch is mainly determined by the two parts of the fabric inside and outside. Most of the external plushies are made of soft fabrics, making them comfortable and soft to touch. But not the longer the fur is the better for us, especially for children, too long fur can be inhaled into the nasal cavity when we hug and touch causing safety issues, and too long fur is also a favorite base point for insect mite dust!
Another important reason stuffed animals make us love them is because of their fluffy interior. Cotton and wood wool are two of the most common natural stuffing materials, while stuffed animals filled with polyester fiberfill are also common because polyester is relatively inexpensive and does not cause allergic reactions. If you want your little cutie plushies to stay fluffy and durable, then I would recommend stuffed animals with wool or cotton; if you want the plushies to stay clean and machine washable, and dry at all times, then cotton or polyester stuffed animals is the way to go!

How to play with plushies?

Like we said at the beginning, stuffed animals play a very important role in our daily lives. For very young children, plushies are a comfort item. They make them feel safe and secure, and research on the use of stuffed animals by Fairuz Gaibie, a clinical psychologist in Cape Town, has shown that when people cuddle soft and comfortable objects (such as stuffed animals), oxytocin is released to help us sleep. During the day, stuffed animals can help them develop children's motor and social skills.

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Plushies can also help teens and adults heal after a traumatic experience or support them as they struggle with their health. In addition, stuffed animals can serve as a source of nostalgia or inspiration, and more people are choosing to take stuffed animals to work or on trips. Or, I mean, dress your plushies up in a costume of your choice!

Can plushies be washed?

I think this is one of the most considered questions. I share your concern about this stuffed animals issue. You can easily search for a dozen suggestions on how to clean plushies, but the truth is that not all methods are practical and effective. The various dust mites and stains from daily use can penetrate deep into the plushies, and surface cleaning is not effective in removing stains in stuffed animals. Embracing unclean plushies over time can cause problems with our skin and respiratory system. The most effective solution is to choose stuffed animals plushies that can be machine washed and disinfected at high temperatures! Fearless bunny stuffed animals will be a good solution to your concerns about cleaning, machine washable still fluffy and durable.

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Other details about the plushies

In terms of size, considering that plushies are a long-term companion for both adults and children, consider practicality along with comfort. Plushies are too small to effectively give us the comfort of a hug, and too large to bring discomfort and difficult to clean. The ideal is a medium (20-30 inches) plushies, which can bring enough hugging feeling but also convenient for daily carrying and cleaning.

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At last, for safety reasons, the nose and eyes of the plushies need to be carefully checked to see if the stuffed animals are firmly attached to avoid any accidents. Needle and thread sewn nose and eyes are a better choice for me, and more fun too!
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