How to DIY Your Own Plush toys

How to DIY Your Own Plush toys

Beautiful and original handmade plush toys that will not leave children or adults indifferent, but also have different uses. Such a uniquely themed gift would be a great gift for kids of all ages and genders, as long as you choose the right idea.
To make a plush toy yourself is to put a part of your soul into it, which is sure to be appreciated by the giver. In the process of creation, it is mainly to choose interesting ideas correctly and observe the craftsmanship of sewn products.

Plush Toys of different shapes and sizes help organize fun and engaging play and are used in the learning process. Most notable are the beautiful backpacks decorated with plush toys and children's favorite books in the form of fairy tale or cartoon characters.


materials used to make PLUSH TOYS

Sewing toys with your own hands is not difficult, using a sewing machine will greatly simplify and speed up the process. To organize the creative process, any master will need some materials and accessories, incl.

1. Sketches and templates with individual sections indicating the dimensions and precise configuration of elements for easy reproduction.
2. Needle and thread, scissors and accessories for decorating finished products, buttons or ready-made eyes, taps and ribbons, beads and sequins.
3. The main material for sewing toys, soft felt or felt, natural fabric or fake fur, linen can be used.
4. The stuffing makes the toy soft, it is better to choose hypoallergenic material and avoid wool because it will clump.

Filling process, preferably with sintepon or hallofiber, the toy is filled with special tactile materials that are being developed. For cushion toys, it is recommended to use foam rubber or granules as the filling and avoid using natural down or feathers.

A fairly simple masterclass can serve as a basic guide to sewing all types and shapes of plush toys. Using photos of various toys, you can create your own beautiful designs and templates for gifts that your kids will really love. These crafts are also used as original and themed gifts for close and familiar children in lieu of buying toys that are not always of high quality.


At last, I'd love to DIY a Bunny plush for my girl friend

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