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Our Fearless Collection Plush Toys - But There is Courage

Our very cute stuffed polar bears are extra soft and cute. He has long, soft fur and can either stand on all fours or sit like a real polar bear. It has velvety foot pads stitched like a real bear's foot, and it has a black fabric nose. The thread of the mouth is sutured, and there is nothing to scratch the child. We recommend that you remove the round wooden "Wild Republic" sticker before handing the bear to a small child. Our polar bear comes from courple's "fearless bear" plush toy, I know you don't trust this brand right now, but as a brand that's just starting, these are the difficulties we have to solve.
Just like our brand philosophy, we designed these adorable plush toys with the theme of fearlessness

Fearless Bunny:

This angry bunny plush toy represents courage. When people encounter difficulties and setbacks, most of them choose to retreat and give up, but is this the right choice? No. Everyone in the world knows that it is shameful to retreat from a disaster, but how many people can rise up to it? So our angry rabbit toy is designed to tell everyone that he is angry and that there are many choices in the world, but when everyone knows the right choice is there, he chooses to escape and comfort.

Fearless Polar Bear:

This polar bear stuffed animal with the same angry expression, what is he angry about? We have designed a stuffed animal with the concept of environmental protection. In recent years, the global temperature has been rising, and the icebergs in the Arctic have also melted. In this regard, a person's power is limited, so we designed This plush doll reminds everyone to take care of the environment.

fearless deer:

Finally, our brown Christmas fearless deer, for which we designed two faces. Because nowadays people are becoming hypocritical, and in order to cater to other people's interests, their original intentions become more and more confused. We hope that no matter what other people think of you, you can let yourself be real, put on a mask, and we can communicate with anyone calmly. Similarly, the self under the mask will not change no matter what, so I hope you will not change whether or not Live happily, but please face the world truthfully.

Although each of our plush toys represents a different theme, they all represent fearlessness, just like our daily life

— But there is courage

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