When You Grow Up, Why Do You Still Like Plush Toys?

When You Grow Up, Why Do You Still Like Plush Toys?

You have grown up long ago, do you still like plush toys?

Recently, from Lena Belle, the new Disney star who has been fired around thousands, to IKEA Shark Broai, who has been panic-buying due to the shutdown... The craze for plush friends is sweeping among adults.
When you grow up, do you still love to sleep with plush toys?

In fact, adults may be more dependent on these plush little things than you think.
Some people's bedside toy is still the favorite one (or a few) when they were young, and it is very worn out and has even been patched up many times; some people have to take it with them no matter where they go on business or travel, otherwise they will lose sleep all night...
Plush toys have the strongest healing power among toys, so "Toy Story 3" sets the villain as the blackened plush strawberry bear after being replaced by the little master to have such a great sense of contrast.

So why do adults rely on plush toys? The first thing to understand is why children rely on plush toys.

Psychologist Donald Winnicott calls plush toys "transition objects." Sleeping is usually the only independent time in a child's day, transitioning from the daytime of relying on adults to the night of being alone. A soft and warm plush toy can act as a loyal and reliable companion and bring a sense of security to the child.

Did you have a favorite plush toy as a kid to which you poured out your inner secrets, dressed it, bathed it, even brushed and fed it? In addition to guarding us silently, the more important identity of plush toys is that they are inseparable friends.

The plush toys on the market can't escape the old ones like bears, dogs, and rabbits. If you can have a plush toy specially designed and made according to your ideas, it should be a happy experience like a dream!

However, the lucky ones selected are few, and most of the children's plush toys are usually mass-produced assembly line products. But even so, in most people's minds, their plush friends are still irreplaceable.

We love them no less than they give us.

Plush toys are popular, is it because adults have become more "childish" than in the past?

Perhaps the affection for cute things is written in human instinct, but it was not until this era that adults, especially adult men, were allowed to show their vulnerable side, this instinct could finally be expressed.
After all, growing up may make all illusions disillusioned, but the cute toy that will not grow up in memory can always bring us warm comfort that no human being can replace.

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