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Why Do We All Like Plushies?

When I saw my childhood best friend SpongeBob plushie lying on the bed while doing housework, I guess I'm not the only one who still loves plushies so much as an adult. I have more than 20 different characters plushies in the corner. Not to mention the number of plushies owned by other families with kids. But why can't we ever say no to plushies?

Irresistible plushies features

The truth is, humans instinctively feel the urge to hug something soft and fuzzy. And plushies are designed to look like something we can't say no to. Research conducted by the legendary zoologist Konrad Lorenz in 1950 pointed out that the short face, large forehead, protruding cheeks and abnormal limb movements contained within the soft exterior of a plushies seem to naturally dull the properly proportioned human eye.

And with the evolution of the times, plushies are increasingly emphasizing or exaggerating these characteristics. Softness is also important," says psychotherapist Beth Tyson. A large study of attachment objects found that 31 percent of children preferred soft plushies , while only 7 percent chose hard toys made of plastic. The other children in the study chose security blankets, rags and cloths," she says." Studies now also show that 58% of adults care about a more comfortable plushies hug size, that some plushies designed to be human-sized make them more ergonomically comfortable to hug, and that they look more quirky and fun to bring more joy. "

It's all about psychology

Psychologists have shown that everyone likes to be surrounded by things that evoke a sense of inner happiness. No one likes to be enveloped in negative thoughts or sadness. And plushies they provide a sense of security, predictability and comfort in an often uncertain and frightening world. "From childhood to adulthood, it is human nature to crave these feelings." said psychologist Corrine Sweet in a 2010 press release.
A simple hug can lower stress levels and give us inner peace. Not everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded by his or her loved ones when times get tough. You can relax yourself by hugging these cute plushies and plush animals. I would recommend getting different cuddly plushies for difficult situations like this.

Anxiety is at an all-time high due to the coronavirus pandemic and all the associated layoff consequences. This anxiety tends to raise its head when we try to fall asleep. When we feel anxious, we look for people or plushies that can provide support. Clinging to a soft, cuddly plushies is just the thing to ease our fears.
"It doesn't help that the lines between home life and work life have blurred," says sleep psychologist Sarah Silverman. "Many bedrooms have become offices, gyms and homeschools, which can create a negative connection between our increased stress levels and where we sleep."
In our quest for bedtime comfort, the soft touch of a plushies and plushies’ scent can affect your autonomic nervous system, the part of your body that controls your fight or flight instinct. The pressure of a plushies slows your heart rate and breathing - a technique similar to box breathing - and helps you fall asleep.

Do plushies need to be replaced?

It's a normal thing to sleep and play with plushies when you're a child, but when we're adults and someone still sleeps with a plushies after marriage, the plushies may cause a lot of concern for the significant other, and we may also worry that sleeping with a plushies is a shame. So should we say goodbye to our plushies?
Dr. W. Chris Winter, author of The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It, recommends that you redefine it in the context of your choice, similar to the type of sheets you prefer or the color of your bedroom walls. Or maybe a plushies that is more similar to your form is a cooler and more effective solution?
If the reason you sleep with plushies in bed is because they help you get a good night's sleep, psychologists see no problem with that - in fact, anything that helps you fall asleep faster is always a plus (except alcohol and drugs)!
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