Why is the Fearless Rabbit the way it is now?

Why is the Fearless Rabbit the way it is now?

I believe many people will think when they see our plush toys, why are our toy expressions different, is it for commercial gimmicks, or does it have special meaning? Of course there is a commercial gimmick, but not exactly.
Now let’s answer this question. In fact, in our observation, most people are overworked by life. As they get older, their sincere smiles become less and less. Most people become more and more with the tempering of life. Slippery, but lacks the kind of curiosity that first came to know the world.

Angry rabbit always reminds something

Courage, the image design of our rabbit, angry expressions and body movements, when you see him for the first time, can always distinguish him from other soft and cute plush toys. He has a righteous bravery.
Self-confidence. Many people have said that self-confidence is the most important weapon. Different mentality sees the actual situation of things differently.
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